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45mm / 2.7m Spinning Pole Dancing Pole / Fitness

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The Platinum 45 is a spinning AND stationary fitness pole in the industry standard 45mm professional standard size.

This new design for 2016 features larger square upper and lower domes to provide increased stability across ceiling beams than smaller round domes. This pole is fully removable, height adjustable and spinning. It only takes minutes to put up and take down.

Do not mistake this pole with inferior copies or fakes. This is a heavy duty professional pole, and can be used for full inverted moves.


• 45mm Spinning / Static Pole Dancing Fitness Pole
• Aircraft grade electroplated chrome tubes, fittings and upper and lower mounting plates.
• Static or spinning on precision bearings, with hidden switches to lock/unlock between spinning and static. The more bearings the better, inferior quality poles on the market only use 3.
• No permanent ceiling fixings required
• Height adjustable, fits ceilings from 2235 to 2745mm.
• High precision joints (almost seamless) for maximum strength, stability and smoothness.
• NEW Silicone damped square base, easy to setup. Double width square pole support dome, spreads the load/pressure evenly on the ceiling better than round domes.
• NEW wide square design ceiling mount, with clear silicone non marking gasket. Beware cheaper poles with black rubber that will mark your ceiling and fixtures
• Extensions for variable length included
• Max. load weight: 200kg
• Instructions Included.

Package Contents:

• 1x Main Pole A (Connect to the base)
• 1x Main Pole B (connect to the Dome)
• 1x Heavy Duty Height Adjuster (with 2 flanges)
• 1x 5" Extension Pole
• 1x 10" Extension Pole
• 1x Height Adjuster Cover
• 1x Upper Square Pole Support Dome
• 1x Square Base
• 1x Set of Tools
• 1x Setup Manual

What makes a Platinum Pole so superior to existing older round dance poles on the market..?

Large Steel Square Steel Domes

Our new steel upper dome is at least over 15cm corner to corner larger than other poles on the market. The advantage of this, is our pole is the only pole to be able to cross two seperate ceiling joists for maximum stability. All other pole designs can only cross one. In fact, no matter where you place our pole, it will always be supported by one ceiling joist bare minimum. Our steel ceiling dome can support over 200kgs of loading, and features a triple hi precision bearing carrier for smooth operation. The main advantage of a square dome over a circular dome, is if in the case of your pole not being tight enough, a round dome can effectively 'roll' across your ceiling, causing damage or injury. The Platinum Pole square dome cannot do this, ever.

One Piece Cast Base

Our heavy duty pole base is a one piece casting, against competitors two piece bases which can sheer on heavy moves in static mode.

Clear Silicone Gaskets

Both of the dome and the base feature non marking silicone clear gaskets, for maximum grip and non marking.

45mm Pole Shafts & Extension.

All of our poles feature seamless joints, and impeccable plating quality. Once fully assembled you will feel no joins in use, no sharp edges, no imperfections in pole finish.


We also stock a full range of extensions, 10" and 20" and 1200mm x 50mm pole dancing Mats, please ask for details