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VICELIKE™ Fat Bar Grips - For Dumbbells & Barbells


VICELIKE™ GRIP - The Next Generation Fat Bar Grips

• The Next Generation Fat Bar Grip for Forearm and Strength Muscle Building
• Unique PRO-HEX design fits the multi joint hand far better than a round grip
• Made from a military-grade high-density compound
• Over twice as thick as most Olympic bars - 5" x 2.25" Size
• VICELIKE™ Grips will give you the benefits of thick-bar training

VICELIKE™ Grips are the next generation on fat bar training tools, being used by thousands of athletes and bodybuilders worldwide for weight lifting, strength training and powerlifting.

After researching the physiology of the human hand, and realised that when clenched as a fist it is comprised of 6 main joints - hence the radical new design of VICELIKE™ Grips which fits the hand more ergonomically, allowing maximum pressure and optimum contact area, far more than a traditional round dumbbell handle or existing round fat bar grips. Hold up your hand and see for yourself!

Thick bar training with VICELIKE™ Grips immediately targets your body’s weakest points – increasing muscle activation and giving you more strength and mass over time. VICELIKE™ Grips are also known to alleviate elbow and other joint and tendonitis issues, as it forces the muscles to work harder and reduce load from the tendons. Previous brachialis and 'tennis elbow' issues can be alleviated when doing bicep curls for instance.

VICELIKE™ Grips fit virtually all professional barbells, dumbbells, chin-up bars and cable attachments in seconds – making the bar more than twice as thick.

65mm in diameter and made from a highly dense polymer compound, they grip the bar like a clamp and don’t compress – even when deadlifting extreme loads.